5 Things You Didn’t Know About CoolSculpting

Super Cool CoolSculpting Facts

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment that is continuing to increase in popularity. Previously, many people thought about sweating away the pounds in the sauna or at the gym. However, if you need a unique and effective alternative, consider the CoolSculpting treatment.

Even though you may know all about CoolSculpting and its cryolipolysis stimulation, your friends from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic at the Miami Center for Dermatology want to share some ice cold CoolSculpting facts you might not know.

CoolSculpting Freezes Your Fat While Protecting Your Skin

For the first of our CoolSculpting facts, you may express surprise to hear that the fat freezing treatment can help you shed fat without hurting your skin. A specialist applies a cool gel pad before applying the treatment with a CoolSculpting applicator.

As a non-invasive treatment, CoolSculpting prevents any skin penetration. You may experience a cool sensation to touch, as well as slight redness. However, you can return to work almost immediately, and your skin will return to normal within a few hours of the treatment.

Your Results Will Be Obvious, Albeit Gradual

You may not see results from your CoolSculpting treatment immediately. You won’t see them. Nevertheless, after about 3 to 4 months, you can see optimal toning and sculpting on your body. As time goes on after treatment, your body will process the dead, frozen cells through the natural waste disposal mechanisms. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) this creates a slow and gradual transformation.

Return to Work IMMEDIATELY After a CoolSculpting Procedure

One of our favorite (and probably our patients’ as well) CoolSculpting facts is the ability to undergo treatment and return to your normal day-to-day. Although you should avoid any vigorous exercise for a few days, you can go right back to work after CoolSculpting. Many patients respond to emails or read during CoolSculpting treatment.

Men Undergo CoolSculpting GUILT-FREE

Men often look at cosmetic procedures as a pampering, “girl’s only” approach. Nonetheless, numerous male patients undergo CoolSculpting and enjoy the convenient and stress-free weight loss. You can appreciate the gradual nature of CoolSculpting while leaving everyone else wondering how you accomplished such a lean, fit look!

CoolSculpting is not for Couch Potatoes

You may appreciate your new sculpted physique. Nonetheless, this is no excuse to abstain from eating right and working out. The final results of the unique fat freezing procedure remain entirely up to you. If you choose to maintain proper nutrition, as well as a brisk-to-moderate exercise regimen, your results will last.

It is true that when CoolSculpting freezes fat cells, the body removes them for good. However, fat cells may still grow, or move in from other areas of the body. You must maintain the treatment after you receive the procedure to ensure the best possible, long-lasting results.

CoolSculpting Facts from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic at the Miami Center for Dermatology

Removing stubborn areas of fat is a frustrating endeavor. While invasive surgical treatments can fix this, not everyone can, or wants to take the time to recover. This is precisely why CoolSculpting continues increasing in popularity.

To learn more about this fantastic, noninvasive treatment, or for more information on our super cool CoolSculpting facts, contact Miami Fat Freeze today!

How To Maintain Your New Selfie Perfect Body After CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Maintenance After Your Treatment

CoolSculpting is a procedure that can help you reduce body fat in specifically targeted areas. This involves utilizing a specialized device that can help you freeze fat cells before the body removes them naturally. Once CoolSculpting freezes cells, the body eliminates them through the natural waste process.

Many people experience issues losing weight in stubborn areas of their body despite healthy eating and exercising. This is precisely where the CoolSculpting procedure can shine as a noninvasive, nonsurgical alternative.

Although the process helps produce preeminent results that wield long-lasting potential, CoolSculpting is not intended for long-term, permanent weight loss. You must maintain CoolSculpting maintenance after the procedure, including healthy lifestyle choices.

Get a Massage

Our team from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic recommends going in for a massage as a part of CoolSculpting maintenance. Massages improve CoolSculpting procedures by up to 68 percent due to accelerating fat loss, as well as stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Nutritional Modification

Unfortunately, CoolSculpting does not grant a free pass to wat whatever you want. Although the treatment removes fat cells for good, it remains possible for fat cells in other areas to travel to previously treated parts of the body.

One of the best ways for optimal CoolSculpting maintenance is committing to a healthy, nutritious diet. Keep your food intake rich with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains. This will help you ensure that you eat the right nutrients that you need.

Additionally, monitor any intake of sugary, fried, or processed foods. These contribute to substantial weight gain and may interfere with the CoolSculpting procedure.


Exercise can offer you a plethora of benefits. Physical activity burns fat, helping you further your CoolSculpting maintenance regimen, and therefore, your final results. It is essential to perform a variety of cardiovascular and resistance exercises that can help you maintain your good looking body after the procedure.

Nevertheless, it is essential to discuss any exercise programs with a physician before beginning, especially if some time has passed since your last strenuous routine. You should begin slowly before gradually increasing intensity, as well as duration.

Exercise will help you maintain your weight and fat levels after a CoolSculpting procedure. Choose a regimen that focuses on strength training, cardio, and flexibility. You can then alternate between practices from day to day for the best possible results.

CoolSculpting Maintenance Tips from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic

The processes behind losing weight remain different from those involved in destroying fat. When you lose weight, these merely shrinks fat cells, making you appear smaller. As you add more pounds, this isn’t an increase in the number of fat cells. Instead, as your cells grow larger, so too does your body.

If you end up gaining weight after a CoolSculpting procedure, the fat that remains in treated areas may grow, or move in from other parts of the body. Since less fat remains in treated areas, you may begin to notice that you gain fat in these untreated regions.

Nevertheless, it remains essential to commit to a CoolSculpting maintenance regimen to ensure that this weight gain doesn’t take place while maximizing your final results. For more information on CoolSculpting maintenance, as well as a CoolSculpting procedure, contact the dedicated team from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic today!

CoolSculpting Is a Better Option Than Gastric Bypass, Trust Us!

Gastric Bypass or CoolSculpting?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, or you’re already reaching the end of your weight loss quest, then you have likely heard about gastric bypass, as well as CoolSculpting. These procedures both aim for the same goal, albeit with very different procedures.

Before you decide what you want to do, our team from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic wants to provide some information on both gastric bypass, as well as our fat freezing procedure in South Miami. We hope that the following outlines the benefits of CoolSculpting while helping you make the right choice for your needs.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

We’re sure you’ve heard of liposuction, but what about gastric bypass? This process involves a surgical procedure to remove part of the stomach. This is a suitable method for individuals that live a healthy lifestyle, but still, wield some difficulty losing weight. Some people additionally seek this procedure as a faster alternative to traditional weight loss.

During this one-hour surgery, a specialist removes about ¾ of the patient’s stomach, tying up the remainder. The final result is about 1/10th of the original stomach size once the procedure concludes. Additionally, patients must rest for 2-3 days to recuperate, and modify their diet.

For the first few weeks, gastric patients must survive on fluids alone before gradually reintroducing solid foods and changing eating habits. Once you undergo gastric bypass surgery, you cannot eat and drink the same way.


Dissimilar from gastric bypass surgery, our fat freezing procedure in South Miami is a non-invasive way to sculpt areas of stubborn fat. Nonetheless, once you lose the weight utilizing CoolSculpting, some areas may remain where the fat does not come off. However, you can employ multiple sessions for optimal results.

This fat freezing procedure in South Miami uses cold and the body’s natural metabolism to remove areas of stubborn fat. A specialist marks targeted areas where you want fat removed. They will then introduce cold to the area to freeze and crystallize the fat.

Reacting naturally, the body then categorizes these frozen, dead cells as useless before removing them through the normal waste process. As a result, the fat in the area reduces. This FDA-approved method is an ideal option if you don’t want surgery, but still want a great-looking physique.

Gastric Bypass or the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic’s Fat Freezing Procedure in South Miami?

CoolSculpting and gastric bypass remain different procedures in various ways. People that elect for gastric bypass normally reflect obese individuals. For this reason, they rely on this specific modality to lose a considerable amount of weight. Nonetheless, gastric surgery wields significant attributes for substantial weight loss.

If you choose our fat freezing procedure in South Miami, you should represent an individual already at their ideal body weight with a fitness regimen in place. The ideal CoolSculpting candidate wants to get rid of fat that healthy eat and exercise cannot burn. They may also seek to target specific fatty areas with the treatment.

Essentially gastric surgery can make you slim while CoolSculpting helps you tighten everything up. Both procedures serve their purpose. However, for those that want to sculpt and tone a little bit of weight, our fat freezing procedure in South Miami is the clear winner.

For more information on CoolSculpting from our team, contact the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic at the Miami Center for Dermatology today!

5 Areas CoolSculpting Works Better than Liposuction

CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction – What is the Best Option for You?

When considering CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction, it remains essential to consider that they remain very different procedures. Both options aim to reduce unwanted fatty deposits, however, how can you tell which procedure is the best for your needs? Unfortunately, the answer depends on an individual basis.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia or sedation. It imparts very minimal scarring; however, the recovery period does last for a few weeks, and patients will likely experience bruising and swelling.

Alternatively, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure requiring no surgery or anesthesia. Nevertheless, the treatment remains ideal only for removing a small amount of fat in troublesome areas. Similar to liposuction, patients may take a few weeks before they can see the finalized, preeminent results.

If you are considering the benefits of CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction, the team from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic want to help share some of the benefits of the lesser-known CoolSculpting procedure. Read on to find out more about our five areas where CoolSculpting works better than liposuction.

Axillary Fat

This area imparts some significant challenges during traditional weight loss and exercise. In the past patients needed specialized treatment to remove fat from “armpit puffs” due to the shape of the area.

The good news is that with the diverse applicator selection offered by CoolSculpting, a specialist can find an applicator that fits perfectly into this area. Most patients only require a moderate amount of fat removal in this area. For this reason, the fat freezing treatment is the winner between CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction for axillary fat.

Upper Portions of the Inner Thighs

Similar to the axillary fat area of the armpits, patients experience difficulty losing weight from their inner thighs near the pelvis. The shape here is also ideal for the CoolSculpting applicator.

Nevertheless, patients may express concerns about the potential for loose skin in this area after an aggressive procedure like liposuction surgery. The noninvasive, less aggressive attributes of CoolSculpting make the treatment ideal for upper, inner thigh fat.

Double Chin

Choosing either procedure in CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction will produce excellent results for double chins. However, with the minimal downtime and noninvasive attributes of CoolSculpting, as well as the applicator selection, many more patients select CoolSculpting these days to remove fat from their chins.

Back Fat, Bra-Line, Etc.

CoolSculpting is the preeminent treatment to remove back fat in the bra-line. Patients can undergo a CoolSculpting procedure and return to work the same day with no downtime. Although liposuction ably and effectively treats this area, CoolSculpting remains the best choice to sculpt areas of back fat in almost any patient.

Banana Roll

The banana roll is an area of fat on the upper thigh right beneath the buttock. This is a very challenging area for liposuction surgeries. This is because the area remains extremely prone to skin looseness after liposuction. Unfortunately, this is only correctable with skin excision after a liposuction procedure.

When considering CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction for banana roll fat removal, CoolSculpting’s gradual nature is far less likely to result in this issue. Additionally, CoolSculpting may preserve some of the connective tissue that resides in this fatty area.

Choosing Between CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction with the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic

Our team at the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic from the Miami Center for Dermatology loves giving CoolSculpting procedures to our patients! When patients see the sculpted results they can achieve with CoolSculpting, they easily make the right choice for their needs.

For more information on the benefits of CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction, contact the team from the Miami Fat Freeze clinic today!

How to TRULY Maximize Your CoolSculpting Results

The Do’s and Don’ts to Get the Best Results from Fat Freezing in Miami

CoolSculpting is one of the most effective, noninvasive treatments to help you trim excess fat from certain areas of the body. Contrary to surgical procedures like liposuction, fat freezing in Miami enables you to safely remove fat utilize cold temperatures that kill off fat cells.

CoolSculpting imparts no downtime. This means you can go on with your typical day-to-day shortly after your session’s conclusion. Although it may take a few months before you notice the results, once they appear you will feel more than satisfied. You can also repeat the CoolSculpting treatment multiple times for an even better outcome.

While CoolSculpting helps you remove unwanted fat, knowing what to do once the procedure is complete is very important to maintain the best results. The method is also not designed for losing a large amount of weight.

Fat Freezing in Miami does eliminate fat cells for good. However, some remaining fat cells may get bigger, or move into treatment areas from other parts of the body. For this reason, understanding what to do after CoolSculpting remains crucial to maintain weight loss and overall health.

Commit to Diet and Nutrition

Even considering fat freezing in Miami may direct your attention to needed improvements in your current diet. Although CoolSculpting can represent a significant benefit to your weight loss, this doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. Paying attention to what you eat, as well as when you can prove crucial to your overall progress.

The best way to improve your diet is by eating more frequent, smaller meals instead of large meals a few times per day. Additionally, try to cut back on any processed foods and unhealthy snacks.

Hit the Gym Regularly

Exercising is the second most important thing to do after a CoolSculpting treatment. Losing weight after CoolSculpting is tricky. Nevertheless, incorporating some exercise at least 2 or 3 times per week can help you ensure that your fat freezing in Miami results last for a long time. Choose a workout regiment that incorporates strength and flexibility training, in addition to cardio.

Make the Right Lifestyle Adaptations

Losing weight isn’t easy. If it were, we would all like skinny and gorgeous with trimmed bodies. This is why many people elect to undergo a CoolSculpting procedure in the first place. Utilize your fat freezing in Miami as an opportunity to grow, and change your life for the better. A CoolSculpting treatment is the best time to start anew and commit to maintaining your weight in the future.

Fat Freezing in Miami with the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic and the Miami Center for Dermatology

It is only normal that you look forward to the best possible results from your CoolSculpting treatment. Nonetheless, it is essential that you take the proper steps to maintain your gorgeous and trimmed body once fat freezing in Miami is complete.

CoolSculpting and cryolipolysis can help you by offering you an incentive to adopt a healthier lifestyle. You shouldn’t rely on the treatment as standalone, major weight loss. For this, you need to commit to diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise.Our team from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic at the Miami Center for Dermatology can work with you to cultivate a unique, individualized specialized to your needs and goals. Our team wants to help you on your journey towards a slimmer you. Start today and contact our dedicated team today!

5 Problem Areas CoolSculpting Can Help Vanish!

Do You Want to Freeze Away Fat in Dade County?

Just take a look at our website. Our team at the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic can go on and on discussing the wonder that is CoolSculpting treatment. However, many new patients enter our facility remain curious about the areas of their body where CoolSculpting works the best.

CoolSculpting is the most effective, noninvasive procedure for helping individuals freeze away fat in Dade County. Nevertheless, the procedure works for certain stubborn fatty areas that refuse to respond to diet and exercise.

This is our clinic’s top 5 problem areas where CoolSculpting truly sets itself apart as a fat removal method:

Double Chin

Unlike liposuction and other traditional surgical techniques, CoolSculpting offers patients non-invasive fat reduction utilizing no needles or surgical incisions. For this reason, CoolSculpting remains the ideal option to help patients reduce the appearance of a double chin. However, this method can help you freeze away fat in Dade County and achieve a sculpted neck and chin with no scarring.

Back Fat

CoolSculpting provides incredible back fat removal on one of the most popular and most requested areas for fat freezing. With little-to-no discomfort, the fat freezing modality stimulates natural fat cell removal in a simple, one-hour procedure. Simply sit back and relax while you freeze away fat in Dade County.

Arm Fat

Flabby arms, “wings,”  or “lunch lady arms” often prove embarrassing for patients. Arm fat often makes individuals look heavier than they are. CoolSculpting is an effective way to lean out this area. As an entirely natural procedure, CoolSculpting freezes the cells in your arms before your body removes them naturally. In just a few weeks you can achieve the sculpted arms you always dreamed of.

Belly Fat

Many people enter our Miami Fat Freeze Clinic thinking they must go under the knife to remove stubborn belly fat. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Thousands of individuals want to tighten up their stomach areas, but don’t want to endure the potential pain and downtime of surgery.

The good news is that with CoolSculpting, you can freeze away fat in Dade County pain, and downtime free in an outpatient procedure. This includes stubborn belly fat that laughs in the face of both diet, and exercise.

Hips and Love Handles

Love handles and fatty areas around the hips remain notoriously difficult regarding fat loss. Numerous individuals struggle to lose weight in these areas despite investing substantial time and effort into diet and exercise.

The CoolSculpting procedure can precisely target these often difficult-to-reach fat cells and eliminate them efficiently. Utilizing a variety of different attachments and tips, your fat freezing specialist from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic can administer the procedure effectively in areas that would otherwise remain difficult to treat.

Freeze Away Fat in Dade County with the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic from the Miami Center for Dermatology

Fat removal isn’t easy. You may experience significant challenges losing weight, let alone in these aforementioned troublesome parts of your body. Dr. Longwill and her team from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic understand the difficulty that many endure after unsuccessfully trying to lose their stubborn fat. For this reason, we recommend trying to freeze away fat in Dade Country with the CoolSculpting procedure.

This noninvasive, non-surgical fat removal process imparts minimal if any downtime and requires no needles, as well as no incisions. All you need to do is sit back comfortably as a CoolSculpting specialist works to help you achieve your dream physique.

For more information on how CoolSculpting can help you freeze away fat in Dade County, contact the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic to schedule an appointment today!

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On January 1st, it suddenly became everyone’s new year’s resolution to work out. But, let’s face it, hitting the gym is hard. Committing to an extraneous work out plan three to five times a week along with diet can be difficult when you’re always on the go. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet will allow you to fit into those jeans, but Coolsculpting will allow you to ease up on the workouts and obtain a sexy figure.

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Experience Quick Fat Loss Without Having to Take a Bunch of Garcinia Pills to Get There

A Non Invasive Fat Removal: No Pills Required


Have you heard of the latest and most innovated fat removal technology? It’s called CoolSculpting, and it’s almost too good to be true. This Non-Invasive Fat Removal is a product of top of the line technology and is a procedure completed by experienced practitioners. The Miami Fat Freeze Center can grant you your dream body in a matter of weeks. That’s a small price to pay if you’re like most people and have been struggling with for years. Don’t be a slave to your weight anymore and give yourself the confidence you have always been after by booking an appointment with Miami Fat Freeze Center today!


First things first, you can finally ditch the fad diets:  Majority of dieters continuously struggle with losing and gaining the same pounds with whatever extreme diet is popular.  When you get frustrated doing that, you may switch to more extreme measures like dieting pills. You can finally forget about that with CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting enables stubborn and unwanted fat to be frozen away, meaning that it will be impossible for it to be gained back! Not only that, but the fact that it does not require surgery means that there is also no lengthy recovery period that could interfere with your busy schedule!


How does the CoolSculpting Procedure work?


CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure that stimulates the body’s natural process to remove stubborn, unwanted fat cells. This Non Invasive Fat Removal involves targeting specific fatty areas and freezing the existing fat cells. Once the cells are frozen and removed they are gone for good, so you can rest easy and not feel the pressure of upholding an unrealistic lifestyle pattern of small portions, counting calories and diet pills. The first part of the CoolSculpting procedure is having a specialist mark the areas targeted for fat removal and place those areas between cooling panels. The cooling panels work to freeze and kill your targeted fat cells through the controlled cooling temperatures. This is done in a way that will not cause any harm to your skin or leave an unsightly scar that you would get from surgery.


Starts to work as early as an hour after the procedure: After approximately one hour, the cold temperature will work to crystallize the fat cells. This stimulates the body’s natural dead cell removal process known as cryolipolysis. During this natural process, the body eliminates and removes the targeted fat cells naturally and continuously throughout the next several weeks. Several weeks to get the body of your dreams versus months and years of harsh diets and pills. The choice is obvious. CoolSculpting fat freeze treatment technology has been proven to provide long-lasting results, and the target area is devoid of the fat cells for good.

Dr. Longwill understands how it feels to struggle with your weight and lack confidence. She also knows the dangers and inconveniences that come with fad diets and pills. That’s why you can put your trust in her and Miami Fat Freeze to perform the CoolSculpting procedure.  Learn more about our fantastic CoolSculpting, fat freeze treatment and feel like your best self by the holidays by calling us today at (305) 901-5777 or click here to schedule an appointment online!