CoolSculpting for the Chin

Can You Freeze The Fat on Your Face? Try CoolSculpting

What to Expect from CoolSculpting for Your Face

Our team at the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic often goes on and on about how great CoolSculpting is at removing fat. However, many patients enter our office wondering “Can you CoolSculpt on the face?” The answer is yes, however, this only applies to fat in the chin area.

CoolSculpting for the chin is a noninvasive fat reduction treatment that involves no anesthesia, needles, or surgery. Just like CoolSculpting for anywhere else on the body, the modality is based on the cooling subcutaneous fat that the body inevitably destroys and removes through the cryolipolysis process.

CoolSculpting for the Chin – The Procedure

CoolSculpting for the chin begins with a trained specialist performing the procedure with a specialized handheld applicator. Some patients say this device looks very similar to a vacuum cleaner attachment.

During the treatment, the specialist will apply a gel pad and applicator to your targeted fatty area on the chin. This applicator delivers a controlled cooling sensation to the fat as the specialist moves it over the skin. They will additionally administer some suction and cooling to the targeted chin fat.

As this part of the procedure goes on, you will likely experience gentle pulling or pinching. Nevertheless, CoolSculpting results in minimal pain or discomfort throughout the body, and CoolSculpting for the chin is no exception.

As CoolSculpting concludes, the specialist will also massage the treated areas immediately afterward. This breaks up any frozen deep tissue. Massaging additionally helps your body start absorbing the destroyed fat cells for waste processing.

Some patients express that this part isn’t exactly the most comfortable part of CoolSculpting for the chin. After all, it is important to remember that despite CoolSculpting involving no incisions, the cold sensation may cause some minimal redness and irritation.

All in all, the process only takes about 35 minutes, and you can return to your typical daily activities right afterward. Many people even take their time during CoolSculpting for the chin to respond to emails, listen to music, or read.

What to Expect After CoolSculpting for the Chin

Unfortunately, CoolSculpting doesn’t display immediate results. You may begin noticing improvements in treated areas within about three weeks of the procedure. Nonetheless, for ideal, optimal results, you can see these after about two to three months. The good thing is that the cryolipolysis process continues for up to six months after the initial CoolSculpting treatment.

Obese individuals do not represent good candidates for CoolSculpting, and the CoolSculpting process should never replace a healthy diet or lifestyle. Fat cells from other areas can move into areas treated by CoolSculpting. For this reason, maintaining a healthy nutritional regimen and exercising regularly remains crucial for the best possible results.

CoolSculpting for the Chin from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic at the Miami Center for Dermatology

An in-person consultation with a CoolSculpting provider is the best way to determine if your needs make you an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting for the chin. During this meeting, you can discuss any area you’d like addressed while getting your questions or concerns answered.

Is the fat under your chin bothering you? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Our team from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic works to help individuals remove fat permanently from a multitude of bodily areas. To learn more about how we can help you, or for more information on CoolSculpting for the chin, contact us today!

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