Freezing fat in Kendall

Is CoolSculpting Right For You?

Freezing the Fat Away in South Florida

Most people think that losing weight involves eating healthy as well as exercising regularly. Nonetheless, many of these same individuals come to realize that the situation is not always this easy. Unfortunately, some fat regularly doesn’t respond well to traditional methods like diet and exercise.

An essential aspect of CoolSculpting results is cultivating reasonable expectations. This is true of any aesthetic procedure. For this reason, the team at the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic feels it remains essential to understand the ideal candidates for freezing fat in Kendall.

The Best Candidates for Freezing Fat in Kendall

To determine if you represent a good candidate for a CoolSculpting procedure, our team has some good and bad news. The good news is that freezing fat in Kendall works great if you don’t possess any serious health issues, and aren’t pregnant.

Nevertheless, with further evaluation, you may determine more information about the fat on your body. This shouldn’t serve as a detriment, and for those that already possess awareness about their chunky areas, then they have nothing to lose!

Anyone with a body mass index over 34 or more doesn’t reflect a good CoolSculpting candidate. However, many individuals can experience the benefits of freezing fat in Kendall will a CoolSculpting treatment.

Beating the Baby Bulge

A good number of women see their skin make a recovery after pregnancy. Regrettably, they may still notice some extra baby fat that won’t go away. They probably work out regularly and eat right, but these techniques still won’t banish post-pregnancy fat.

Freezing fat in Kendall represents an ideal method to help post-pregnancy mothers who possess a small amount of unwanted fat in their stomachs. The treatment focuses on specific locations one at a time. This enables moms to target just their abdomen with efficacy.

Spot Treatment CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting also preeminently serves individuals that want to spot target fatty areas of their bodies. By employing specialized CoolSculpting applicators, specialists can target very small areas of stubborn fat that even liposuction wields difficulty reaching.

This includes troublesome areas like the armpits, bra fat, double chin, the inner and outer thighs, and even love handles. Another added benefit of employing CoolSculpting instead of other, more invasive options? Most patients sit or lie comfortably throughout and experience virtually no downtime.

Some of our clients from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic use this time to catch up on emails or group messages before returning to work after their treatment.

Freezing Fat in Kendall with the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic from the Miami Center for Dermatology

Although the concepts behind freezing fat in Kendall may sound intriguing, you may still wonder if it is the right option for you. CoolSculpting as a cosmetic treatment destroys fat cells for good. By employing controlled cooling, the procedure remains an optimal treatment that noninvasively reduces stubborn fat deposits.

You can reshape your body contours by freezing fat in Miami. The cold causes the death of fatty tissue without injuring the skin or muscles. Utilize CoolSculpting for a safe, effective alternative to surgical fat loss.

If you are curious about a fat freezing procedure or need more information on CoolSculpting, please contact the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic from the Miami Center of Dermatology today. Schedule an appointment with our team and experience the best looking you!

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