Freeze Away What You Ate for Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving dinner was probably amazing. After eating your parent’s signature side dishes, your uncle’s fried turkey and tasting every dessert your grandma made, you might have noticed you overdid it. Your pants are no longer fitting as they used to and it’s uncomfortable sitting down with extra belly fat spilling over. But, remember, Thanksgiving dinner was amazing.

Your first thought may be to grab a gym membership and work off everything you ate for Thanksgiving. While that is a great choice, wouldn’t you want something a little easier? Having a gym membership and working out a few times a week is a great way to maintain and tone your body after enjoying the holidays, but Coolsculpting is a better way to jumpstart your weight loss journey. Not only will you lose weight with Coolsculpting, but you are also able to target areas that you’d like to lose including your abdominal area. Yes, you can Freeze Away Abdominal Fat.



What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is one of the best ways Freeze Away Abdominal Fat quickly. Coolsculpting helps target fat in your most problematic areas, including your abdominals. The CoolSculpting technology uses the science behind the natural process of cryolipolysis. The procedure combines this process with a non-invasive therapy that cools adipose tissue. CoolSculpting targets specific areas of unwanted fat and breaks down fat cells without causing harm to the surface and surrounding tissues. Once the fat cells are removed during cryolipolysis, the thickness of the fat begins to lessen throughout the subsequent months.


What can you expect from Coolsculpting?

Everyone’s body is different. Some patients may have overdid it a bit during Thanksgiving dinner and some that have been overdoing it their entire life. Either way, Coolsculpting can help you with your weight loss journey. Patients that are looking to Freeze Away Abdominal Fat can be treated in only one session. A single session can remove up to 20-25%  of fat, so one zap may do the trick. For others, that may not be the case. If you have several pockets of fat on your body that seem as if they will never go away, you may need two to six treatments. In all, you can freeze away your Thanksgiving dinner.

While you Freeze Away Abdominal Fat, you can also expect very few side effects. One of the reasons why Coolsculpting is so popular is because it’s non-invasive. There’s no going under a knife making you will have minimal side effects. Fewer than 1 in 10 patients report pain after a CoolSculpting session. Some side effects include a tugging sensation at the treatment site. Also, you may feel minor pain, aching or stinging at the treatment site. This sensation usually goes away less than a week after treatment. Freezing away your Thanksgiving dinner has never been easier.

Dr. Deborah Longwill offers Coolsculpting, a fast and innovative alternative to working out. Learn more about our fantastic CoolSculpting treatment and feel like your best self even after overindulging this Thanksgiving by calling us today at (305) 901-5777.

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