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CoolSculpting Is a Better Option Than Gastric Bypass, Trust Us!

Gastric Bypass or CoolSculpting?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, or you’re already reaching the end of your weight loss quest, then you have likely heard about gastric bypass, as well as CoolSculpting. These procedures both aim for the same goal, albeit with very different procedures.

Before you decide what you want to do, our team from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic wants to provide some information on both gastric bypass, as well as our fat freezing procedure in South Miami. We hope that the following outlines the benefits of CoolSculpting while helping you make the right choice for your needs.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

We’re sure you’ve heard of liposuction, but what about gastric bypass? This process involves a surgical procedure to remove part of the stomach. This is a suitable method for individuals that live a healthy lifestyle, but still, wield some difficulty losing weight. Some people additionally seek this procedure as a faster alternative to traditional weight loss.

During this one-hour surgery, a specialist removes about ¾ of the patient’s stomach, tying up the remainder. The final result is about 1/10th of the original stomach size once the procedure concludes. Additionally, patients must rest for 2-3 days to recuperate, and modify their diet.

For the first few weeks, gastric patients must survive on fluids alone before gradually reintroducing solid foods and changing eating habits. Once you undergo gastric bypass surgery, you cannot eat and drink the same way.


Dissimilar from gastric bypass surgery, our fat freezing procedure in South Miami is a non-invasive way to sculpt areas of stubborn fat. Nonetheless, once you lose the weight utilizing CoolSculpting, some areas may remain where the fat does not come off. However, you can employ multiple sessions for optimal results.

This fat freezing procedure in South Miami uses cold and the body’s natural metabolism to remove areas of stubborn fat. A specialist marks targeted areas where you want fat removed. They will then introduce cold to the area to freeze and crystallize the fat.

Reacting naturally, the body then categorizes these frozen, dead cells as useless before removing them through the normal waste process. As a result, the fat in the area reduces. This FDA-approved method is an ideal option if you don’t want surgery, but still want a great-looking physique.

Gastric Bypass or the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic’s Fat Freezing Procedure in South Miami?

CoolSculpting and gastric bypass remain different procedures in various ways. People that elect for gastric bypass normally reflect obese individuals. For this reason, they rely on this specific modality to lose a considerable amount of weight. Nonetheless, gastric surgery wields significant attributes for substantial weight loss.

If you choose our fat freezing procedure in South Miami, you should represent an individual already at their ideal body weight with a fitness regimen in place. The ideal CoolSculpting candidate wants to get rid of fat that healthy eat and exercise cannot burn. They may also seek to target specific fatty areas with the treatment.

Essentially gastric surgery can make you slim while CoolSculpting helps you tighten everything up. Both procedures serve their purpose. However, for those that want to sculpt and tone a little bit of weight, our fat freezing procedure in South Miami is the clear winner.

For more information on CoolSculpting from our team, contact the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic at the Miami Center for Dermatology today!

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