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CoolSculpting vs Weight Loss Pills: Which Is More Effective?

CoolSculpting Center in Kendall

First things first

Before hand, I believe it needs to be known that there is a difference between losing weight and losing fat. Now, that it’s been said we could go a bit more into depth about it. So, what’s CoolSculpting? CoolSculpting is the removal of fat in the stubborn areas of your body by freezing the fat cells and killing them. Sidenote, we are a CoolSculpting Center in Kendall. What are weight loss pills? Well, they are dietary pills that help you lose weight when changing your diet or exercising won’t work. Weight loss pills are normally given to people who have trouble losing weight because they are obese or have done everything they can to lose weight and it won’t work.

Breaking it down

So the upside both help you look better! But, sadly for weight loss pills there’s a downside… There’s a possibility of the weight coming back. You’re probably asking why that isn’t the case with CoolSculpting. Like i said before CoolSculpting is Fat reduction not weight loss! It may surprise you but there’s a more noticeable difference losing fat than there is losing weight. So let’s get back on track with the question at hand here, what sets it apart? Once you lose the fat it won’t come back and that is because CoolSculpting kills fat cells and once they’re gone… They’re gone for good. A lot of people that don’t understand this tend to focus more on “losing weight” because that seems more appealing than “losing fat”. When you lose weight, you are making the fat cells smaller. However, that doesn’t mean that the cells are gone. At our CoolSculpting Center In Kendall we’ll freeze those cells and make sure they’ll never come back to give you a hassle!

Fat Freeze Miami

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