5 Problem Areas CoolSculpting Can Help Vanish!

Do You Want to Freeze Away Fat in Dade County?

Just take a look at our website. Our team at the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic can go on and on discussing the wonder that is CoolSculpting treatment. However, many new patients enter our facility remain curious about the areas of their body where CoolSculpting works the best.

CoolSculpting is the most effective, noninvasive procedure for helping individuals freeze away fat in Dade County. Nevertheless, the procedure works for certain stubborn fatty areas that refuse to respond to diet and exercise.

This is our clinic’s top 5 problem areas where CoolSculpting truly sets itself apart as a fat removal method:

Double Chin

Unlike liposuction and other traditional surgical techniques, CoolSculpting offers patients non-invasive fat reduction utilizing no needles or surgical incisions. For this reason, CoolSculpting remains the ideal option to help patients reduce the appearance of a double chin. However, this method can help you freeze away fat in Dade County and achieve a sculpted neck and chin with no scarring.

Back Fat

CoolSculpting provides incredible back fat removal on one of the most popular and most requested areas for fat freezing. With little-to-no discomfort, the fat freezing modality stimulates natural fat cell removal in a simple, one-hour procedure. Simply sit back and relax while you freeze away fat in Dade County.

Arm Fat

Flabby arms, “wings,”  or “lunch lady arms” often prove embarrassing for patients. Arm fat often makes individuals look heavier than they are. CoolSculpting is an effective way to lean out this area. As an entirely natural procedure, CoolSculpting freezes the cells in your arms before your body removes them naturally. In just a few weeks you can achieve the sculpted arms you always dreamed of.

Belly Fat

Many people enter our Miami Fat Freeze Clinic thinking they must go under the knife to remove stubborn belly fat. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Thousands of individuals want to tighten up their stomach areas, but don’t want to endure the potential pain and downtime of surgery.

The good news is that with CoolSculpting, you can freeze away fat in Dade County pain, and downtime free in an outpatient procedure. This includes stubborn belly fat that laughs in the face of both diet, and exercise.

Hips and Love Handles

Love handles and fatty areas around the hips remain notoriously difficult regarding fat loss. Numerous individuals struggle to lose weight in these areas despite investing substantial time and effort into diet and exercise.

The CoolSculpting procedure can precisely target these often difficult-to-reach fat cells and eliminate them efficiently. Utilizing a variety of different attachments and tips, your fat freezing specialist from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic can administer the procedure effectively in areas that would otherwise remain difficult to treat.

Freeze Away Fat in Dade County with the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic from the Miami Center for Dermatology

Fat removal isn’t easy. You may experience significant challenges losing weight, let alone in these aforementioned troublesome parts of your body. Dr. Longwill and her team from the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic understand the difficulty that many endure after unsuccessfully trying to lose their stubborn fat. For this reason, we recommend trying to freeze away fat in Dade Country with the CoolSculpting procedure.

This noninvasive, non-surgical fat removal process imparts minimal if any downtime and requires no needles, as well as no incisions. All you need to do is sit back comfortably as a CoolSculpting specialist works to help you achieve your dream physique.

For more information on how CoolSculpting can help you freeze away fat in Dade County, contact the Miami Fat Freeze Clinic to schedule an appointment today!

Men Can Freeze Their Fat Too

Even if you’re happy with your fitness level and overall weight, you may still have fat on your love handles, back area and chest. Because it’s almost impossible to spot train fat away, Coolsculpting for Men is an easy option to look thinner faster. Coolsculpting for Men can treat those stubborn fat areas and provides a non-surgical option for what can’t be achieved through diet and exercise alone. Most think that Coolsculpting is a procedure catered to women, but in all reality, it can be used for whoever wants fat removed from their body.


Coolsculpting is one of the hottest trends in beauty in Miami which allows men to look their best. The procedure is extremely quick. Most sections of the body can be done in 35 minutes which is perfect to do on your lunch break. Because the processes are non-invasive, most have a little downtime. Stop watching workout videos by Instagram models thinking you can achieve their look with only workouts. Try Coolsculpting for Men.


What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical treatment that promotes weight loss in by spot treating areas of your body. It allows “spot treatment” to target the most problematic regions including the glutes, chin, thighs, lower stomach and more. The procedure cools adipose tissue which can shortly reveal a slimmer you. Coolsculpting targets those areas you want slimmer and more chiseled and breaks down fat cells without causing any harm to your body. Once the fat cells are removed, the fat begins to disappear throughout the weeks.

Genetics play a huge role in weight gain, along with your regular diet and exercise routine. In some parts of the body, you will retain more fat no matter how much you work out or how well you eat. Although Instagram’s most famous male models do look amazing as they share their “work out secrets,” it’s likely that they’ve had some help with Coolsculpting. In males, most remove fat from their love handles, stomach area, under the chin and back to get that look of being ripped and cut.


The areas mentioned above are where most men’s bodies retain fat. Again, even those who work out ten times a week and never eat processed foods can still have love handles and benefit from Coolsculpting for Men. Men can use anywhere between 25-40% of fat just with two, and the results are amazing.

How long does Coolsculpting for Men last?

Just like any other surgical procedure, Coolsculpting for Men is permanent.  Once the Coolsculpting treatment is performed on a patient, the results are long-lasting. The CoolSculpting treatment reduces the number of fat cells in the area treated by using a cooling technology.  This cooling technology cannot be reversed. The technology works after the treatment process has been concluded. Your remaining fat cells will function as normal.
In all, Coolsculpting for Men is the perfect treatment that can help jumpstart a weight loss career. The treatment lasts forever and can help spot treat problem areas. For questions about CoolSculpting for men or schedule an appointment, feel free give us a call.

Instead of Working Out As A New Year’s Resolution, Try This

On January 1st, it suddenly became everyone’s new year’s resolution to work out. But, let’s face it, hitting the gym is hard. Committing to an extraneous work out plan three to five times a week along with diet can be difficult when you’re always on the go. Working out and maintaining a healthy diet will allow you to fit into those jeans, but Coolsculpting will allow you to ease up on the workouts and obtain a sexy figure.

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You Can’t Just Lock Yourself in a Freezer and Expect the Same Results

Losing weight isn’t easy. It involves changing your diet from eating chicken nuggets on your lunch break, to healthier and low- carb options along with working out extensively while keeping consistent. Yeah, it’s hard. But now there are easier options, saving you the hassle of keeping up with a new healthy lifestyle. We all want a quick solution to getting rid of stubborn fat, and we’re going to let you in on a little secret. It’s called CoolSculpting and its the new Fat Loss Surgery Alternative.

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Leave Outdated Workouts in the Past and Lose that Belly Fat at Miami Fat Freeze!

As the holiday months approach quickly many have one thing on their mind: how they are going to lose the weight they will gain over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let’s face it; there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a good meal. Your grandmother is making her famous fried turkey, and your dad has always been the best bartender. But after all of the fun and games, you have to get back into reality and those old jeans in your closet and a Reduce Stomach Fat Treatment.

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Are You Long Overdue for a “Me” Day? Treat Yourself with CoolSculpting!

Best Non Surgical Fat Removal

With the hectic lives many of us lead, it is easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to put ourselves first. Setting aside some “me time” is more important than you think. When you neglect to keep yourself in top condition, your physical and mental health begins to suffer. Indulge in some much needed self-care this weekend and treat yourself to the Best Non Surgical Fat Removal services at Miami Fat Freeze!

To feel beautiful and confident, many women start with their physical appearance. While looks are certainly not everything, slimming down and fitting into that old pair of jeans you’ve been holding onto can be a great way to boost your mood and revitalize your energy. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine are a must, but some of us need an extra helping hand to truly achieve the body of our dreams. That’s where Coolsculpting steps in.

For those who are unfamiliar with this incredible treatment, Coolsculpting is a revolutionary treatment that is completely changing the way experts approach weight loss. The developers have taken a spin on “burning fat” and decided to freeze it instead! Utilizing the scientific procedure known as cryolipolysis, unwanted fat cells are targeted and crystallized to achieve complete elimination of the cells. This process occurs naturally in the body, but experts have found a way to hone and direct it with ease. To jumpstart the cryolipolysis process, specialized plates are set to a cold temperature and pressed against the surface of the skin for a period of about 30 minutes to an hour.

Fat Freeze Services

When you visit Miami Fat Freeze for your Coolsculpting session, you will be able to pinpoint the areas in which you would like to focus on. Our specialists will mark those areas and direct you to sit back and relax as we apply a protective gel to the skin in preparation for the Best Non Surgical Fat Removal. There are absolutely no invasive methods involved in this process, making it a quick, “lunch break procedure” you can schedule and immediately return to your daily routine without any needed downtime to recover.

Within just a few sessions, patients report a huge difference in the appearance of their typical problem areas. No matter how many hours you spend at the gym or how many servings of vegetables you incorporate into your diet, there may always be those lingering deposits of fat we try to cover beneath high waisted pants and loose fitting tops. But, this innovation in cosmetic health has provided a way to finally kiss that muffin top and belly fat goodbye for good!

Best Fat Freeze Treatment

If you struggle with deposits of fat around the midsection, sides, thighs, stomach, or arms, Coolsculpting may be just what you need to regain your confidence. As the Best Non Surgical Fat Removal on the market right now, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve. Freeze away all that unwanted fat with Coolsculpting by Miami Fat Freeze today! Give us a call at (305) 901-5777 for more information or click here to make an appointment!

CoolSculpting on New Moms: the 411 on Postpartum CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Postpartum

Children are one of the biggest blessings for a happy couple that is ready to start their own family. Expectant mothers spend nine months in anticipation, eager to finally meet their new baby girl or boy. While this time is a unique experience that should be cherished, it is no secret that pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body. You will go through dramatic changes that will both cause your emotions to spin entirely out of whack and have you looking at yourself differently in the mirror. However, the extra weight gain should not discourage you from maintaining your confidence. Our team at Miami Fat Freeze is ready to step in with CoolSculpting Postpartum to help you regain your fit and youthful body following the birth of your little one.

This incredible fat freezing procedure was invented to assist individuals in all walks of life, but it has proven to be a massive hit for women going through their postpartum weight loss journey. No other fat reduction procedure on the market can deliver the same jaw-dropping results as Coolsculpting. It is the quick and easy way to bounce back after your pregnancy and start feeling like yourself again in record time.

One of the reasons why CoolSculpting Postpartum has become such a big hit amongst new moms is because while the procedure delivers quick results, it is completely safe and does not require any invasive, surgical methods. The last thing a new mother wants it to have their body further poked and prodded after spending time at the hospital ensuring that their baby is healthy. When you choose Coolsculpting, there are absolutely no needles or IV drips involved. It is a simple, in-office process that requires no downtime for recovery.

Which brings us to our next selling point: no downtime! New moms typically have very little time to themselves during the first several months of their child’s upbringing. Therefore, it would be next to impossible to choose to do an invasive weight loss procedure like liposuction or tummy tuck and be assigned to bed rest following the surgery to heal. However, Coolsculpting is the exception. All you need to do is visit our center for approximately 30 minutes to an hour, and you are all set to go back home and jump right into your day. After a few sessions, you will be amazed at how much closer you are to your goal.

Cold Freeze Fat Loss

Similarly, many women also cannot fit rigorous workout routines and incredibly strict dietary plans into their already hectic schedule. While making healthy choices is a must, Coolsculpting serves as the extra push you need to kick your body into weight loss mode.

If it sounds like Coolsculpting is the right option for you, our team at Miami Fat Freeze encourages you first to determine when it is safe for you to have your first session. The timing may differ from case to case, so it is essential to have a professional opinion.

Cool Therapy for Fat

Freeze away all that unwanted fat with CoolSculpting Postpartum by Miami Fat Freeze today! Give us a call at (305) 901-5777 for more information or click here to make an appointment!

Look and Feel Your Best On Your Wedding Day With the Help of Miami Fat Freeze!

Pre Wedding Workout Plan

Many women have dreamt of their wedding day since they were just little girls. The thought of having a day dedicated to you and the one you want to spend the rest of your life with is a magical concept. Topped off by an elegant dress, a fantastic venue, great music, and all of your closest family and friends, it is sure to be one of the most memorable days of your life. If you are prepping for your very own wedding day and want to look your best, Miami Fat Freeze is here to help cover what that Pre Wedding Workout Plan may not be able to eliminate in time.

In the months leading up to your special day, it is imperative that you dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. Knowing that all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle, it is no surprise that brides to be are eager to look and feel their best in preparation for their wedding day. There are countless Pre Wedding Workout Plan programs that you will find advertised on the internet, but many women turn to these options and walk away disappointed. On the other hand, even the fitness guru’s and meal prep queens are looking for an alternative to dealing with their stubborn fat.

If you have found yourself in this situation and are feeling hopeless as your big day draws nearer and nearer, Miami Fat Freeze is here to help! Our methods of slimming down do not take nearly as long to function as a fad diet plan may make, and you can confidently trust that our Coolsculpting procedure will get you the results you are so desperately after. With just a few sessions, you will finally be able to reach your wedding day goal with plenty of time to spare. Eliminating this massive point of stress can help you enjoy your special day more thoroughly and allow you to focus on making sure that the ceremony is crafted perfectly for yourself and your significant other.

Freeze Off Belly Fat

Coolsculpting is completely changing and revolutionizing the way brides approach to wedding day preparation. When centers like Miami Fat Freeze offer one of the most effective slimming procedures currently on the market, it is a no-brainer to try it out for yourself. Wedding prep is no easy task and causes tons of stress in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, that added stress is also typically accompanied by sudden and unwanted weight gain. When your goal is to lose weight, the combined pounds can be immensely frustrating and be very discouraging to any individual. Luckily, a visit to our center for a Coolsculpting session could be just what you need to get back on track and look better than ever before.

A fat freezing session is a quick and easy way to quite literally freeze away unwanted fat cells. The device carefully controls the cooling process so that the temperatures achieved freezes only the fat cells without freezing the skin, nerves or anything other than the fat cells. All that is left for you to do is inform our experts which areas of the body you want to be slimmed down, and our specialized machinery will work its magic. It may take a few sessions, but once they are completed, you will have permanently removed those fat cells from your body. With the advancement in today’s technology, you will achieve the body you have always wanted without the invasion of surgery!

What is the Fat Freeze Treatment

Get your body wedding day ready with our effective alternative to the Pre Wedding Workout Plan. Freeze away all that unwanted fat with Coolsculpting by Miami Fat Freeze today! Give us a call at (305) 901-5777 for more information or click here to make an appointment.

Ring in the Summer Solstice with Your Best Summer Body Yet

Cryolipolysis Miami

The month of June is finally upon us, and individuals across South Florida are getting their bathing suits ready to hit the beach. While summer showers may put a damper on the usually perfect weather, that is not enough to stop beachgoers from thoroughly enjoying the day. Are you excited to soak in the sun but don’t feel prepared to reveal your unfinished beach body just yet? Our expert team at Miami Fat Freeze can help! Our Cryolipolysis Miami services are fully equipped to get your body into the shape of your dreams.

If you are unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is the CoolSculpting treatment, the term “cryolipolysis” may seem scary and intimidating. However, it is simply a word used to describe the science behind an incredible noninvasive fat reduction procedure that is changing the lives of individuals everywhere. The process has been carefully refined and perfected throughout the years and has transformed into a service that can be completed in just one office visit.

Everyone, regardless of your current weight, age, or confidence, has areas of their body that they would like to improve on. While healthy eating and regular exercise are important in keeping yourself in top condition, they are not always enough to get rid of those pesky problem areas that seem to stick around no matter how many crunches, sit-ups, or squats you do. This is where CoolSculpting and its Cryolipolysis Miami properties step in.

Freeze Stomach Fat

If you have long dealt with unflattering bulges and stubborn fat, it is finally time to kiss it all goodbye! Cryolipolysis utilizes temperature manipulation techniques that are proven to freeze away fat cells effectively and for good when implemented correctly. When going in for a CoolSculpting treatment, you will be laid down on a bed and asked to expose the area you are zoning in on. Common areas are the abdomen, arms, legs, sides, and neck. Cooling plates are then placed on the area as one of our experts supervises the entire process. Before you know it, your body will kick into fat-burning mode and eliminate those stubborn fat cells!

Summertime is meant for embracing your beauty and soaking up some rays, not for covering up behind layers of clothing to hide your body’s imperfections. Our team wants to help you feel comfortable in your own skin, and sometimes that calls for some self-improvement. CoolSculpting is the quick and easy way to target the areas that make you want to hide away and help you achieve the toned body that you have always wanted.

If you are interested in trying the Cryolipolysis Miami treatment for yourself, it is best first to schedule an appointment with our professionals for a consultation. During this initial visit, we will be able to meet with you one on one and discuss which areas you are hoping to sculpt and slim down. We will then walk you through the process step by step and determine whether CoolSculpting is the solution you have been searching for.

Fat Reduction Treatments

This warm, beach-ready season won’t be around forever. Be proud to show off your beach body this summer with the help of our Cryolipolysis Miami treatment. Freeze away all that unwanted fat with CoolSculpting by Miami Fat Freeze today! Give us a call at (305) 901-5777 for more information or click here to make an appointment!

The Benefits of CoolSculpting Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

What is CoolSculpting

For many individuals, it is a constant struggle to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. We restrict ourselves to specific diet plans, dedicate ourselves to rigorous workout routines, and spend hours obsessing in the mirror. However, sometimes all of that is simply not enough and we are left with problem areas we wish would disappear with the snap of our fingers. Don’t give up just yet! Because Miami Fat Freeze may have just the service you need and its name is CoolSculptingIf you have been out of touch with the beauty and cosmetic industry for the last several years, you may be wondering: What is CoolSculpting?

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