Lose Stomach Fat

What Areas Can the CoolSculpting Procedure Tackle?

Lose Stomach Fat

When it comes to weight loss, some individuals will go to the ends of the earth to find something that truly works for them. While it is as easy as cutting back on sweets and hitting the gym a few times a week for some individuals, that is not always the case. Shedding unwanted fat can be incredibly frustrating to those who have tried everything on the market and still cannot achieve the results they want. If you want to Lose Stomach Fat but are at a loss for how to accomplish it, our experts at Miami Fat Freeze are here to help!

The reality of health and weight loss is that no two bodies are the same. What may be working for your friend or loved one may not necessarily reap the same results for you. Rather than drive yourself crazy chasing the latest diet craze or workout fad, it is time to try a method that has delivered real, tangible results to individuals across the United States in the same position as you: CoolSculpting.

The CoolSculpting treatment utilizes a specialized method and machine to quite literally freeze the fat off your body! It may sound too good to be true, but professionals have carefully tested this unique method and proven to be safe and incredibly effective. Our team at Miami Fat Freeze has seen these tangible results right before our eyes and truly believe in the powerful impact it can have on an individual’s life.

Eliminate Stomach Fat

While this treatment can be used by a wide variety of individuals, it is especially effective in those who have certain areas of stubborn fat that cannot be shed with dieting and exercise alone.

As mentioned earlier, it can be difficult to determine exactly which areas of the body will be problem areas when first tackling your health goals. Some individuals can shed stomach fat quickly but struggle with their hips and thighs, while others can slim down everywhere else but their stomach region. No one knows your body more closely than yourself, so it is important to share these concerns when coming in for your fat freezing session.

Typically, we have many individuals that come in for treatment on common problem areas, such as:

  • Sides/”love handles”
  • Belly
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • “Muffin top”
  • Back

Once you have determined which of these areas you would like to target, our experts will mark them up, and the specialist will utilize a protective gel on the surface of the skin. Those areas will then be placed between cooling panels and frozen using save, cryolipolysis methods. The results will rush in once the fat cells crystallize and begin to die off.

If you still have your reservations about the legitimacy of this procedure, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at our center. Our experts are more than happy to meet with you and go more in depth as to the ins and outs of our fat freezing treatment. We will guide you through every step and can even provide progress photos to connect you with real individuals that have been positively impacted by CoolSculpting.

Lose Tummy Fat Fast

Freeze away all that unwanted fat with CoolSculpting by Miami Fat Freeze today! Give us a call at (305) 901-5777 for more information on how to Lose Stomach Fat using our specialized methods or click here to make an appointment!

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