Fat Freezing Procedure

Tired of Your Love Handles? CoolSculpting Can Help!

Fat Freezing Procedure

CoolSculpting in Miami

Are you tired of exercising and dieting to try and get rid of your love handles? Thanks to our amazing and effective Fat Freezing Procedure, CoolSculpting, you can easily get rid of those love handles, also known as a part of a muffin top!

What causes love handles in women?

  • Stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Eating

What causes love handles in men?

  • Excess calories
  • Low testosterone
  • Over-developed abdominal muscles
  • Alcohol indulgence
  • Lack of protein

CoolSculpting easily removes the fat that is causing your love handles, and sculpts it for a slimmer and more contoured look! No more lumps or bumps showing under your dress or over your pants.

How does the CoolSculpting procedure work?

  1. Your stubborn fat with be placed between cooling panels and softly vacuumed. The stubborn fat is located and killed through this controlled cooling.
  2. After about an hour, the cold crystallizes the fat cells, the targeted fat cells are eliminated naturally for the next several weeks
  3. The results from using the CoolSculpting technology are long lasting and the fat cells are gone for good.

Who performs the Fat Freezing Procedure?

Dr. Deborah Longwill of Miami Center of Dermatology is certified to perform Dermatologist and cosmetic procedures. She has served the South Florida community since 1992 and is one of the few doctors who perform the CoolSculpting Procedure in Miami.

Let our Fat Freezing Procedure help you feel confident and slimmer without worry about your muffin top, love handles, cellulite, or saddle bags.

Call us today at 305-901-5777 or click here to make an appointment today!

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