Fat Loss Treatment

What Can You Expect from Your First Coolsculpting Appointment?

Fat Loss Treatment

Are you tired of dealing with bodily insecurities? Eager to try a new method that may finally deliver the results you have always wanted? Our Coolsculpting Fat Loss Treatment at Miami Fat Freeze may be the answer you have been searching for. Read on to learn what you can expect from your first session.

To best prepare for a Coolsculpting treatment, you should ensure that you are properly hydrated and fed before coming in for your appointment. You may bring along a friend or loved one if you’d like, our goal is to help you feel as calm and relaxed as possible. We also highly recommend getting plenty of rest on the days prior to your session to oversee that your body reacts favorably.

Non Surgical Waist Reduction

You can expect to have a very smooth sailing appointment, as our staff makes sure to put your needs and your comfort as a priority. Our team of experts are carefully trained in how to handle fat freezing procedures such as this and will keep you informed each step of the way. Depending on the areas you plan to sculpt, the procedure can last anywhere from one to two hours.

The main advantage of this fat removal procedure is that it is non-surgical. This means that you will not need to worry about undergoing a serious surgery that may inflict pain and require a lengthy recovery time. Most weight loss procedures, such as liposuction or tummy tuck, cause more trauma in the body and call for a period of rest before you can return to your daily routine. When you opt for the Coolsculpting treatment, you can instantly go about your life and continue your busy schedule as usual.

In most of the cases, the patient only has to go for one sitting, and the fat cells are removed, displaying instant results. However, there are some cases where the individual may be required to go for more than one time to achieve a better, more dramatic outcome. The gap between the first treatment and the second should be roughly 30 days. Even if the individual does it more than one time, they will not experience any adverse reactions and can go about their lives as usual.

Best Fat Removal Treatment

Freeze away all that unwanted fat with Coolsculpting by Miami Fat Freeze today! Give us a call at (305) 901-5777 for more information on our Fat Loss Treatment or click here to make an appointment!

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