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CoolSculpting: The Best Body Sculpting Procedure for Any Age!

Miami CoolSculpting Doctor

If you are a man or a woman who has been looking for different alternatives to losing weight besides diet and exercise, then you have most likely heard of weight loss surgery, liposuction, and CoolSculpting. Only ONE of these three options are pain-free, affordable, effective, and don’t need any recovery time, and that is CoolSculpting. This new form of technology is a great way to shed unwanted fat to further contour and sculpt your body. Our Miami CoolSculpting Doctor performs this amazing and effective procedure on the area of your body that you choose, in order to see noticeable results. No matter what age you are ( obviously over the age of 18) you can be a perfect candidate for CoolSculpting!

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CoolSculpting in Miami

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the best option for body contouring and sculpting, because it is a non-invasive procedure that requires no surgery, downtime, or pain. This treatment only takes about an hour, and during the procedure, your fat cells are targeted and frozen from your body naturally.

Is it right for you?

If you are over the age of 18, are looking for a way to get rid of love handles, flabby skin, or a muffin top, then this procedure is right for you! You don’t have to settle for waiting such a long time for diet and exercise results to kick in, and you don’t have to settle for painful surgeries or liposuction. You can FINALLY have a better and more effective solution that has pros that outweigh the cons!

When you are a man or a woman in your earlier years, you want to look and feel good in your body, and you don’t have to spend too much time or effort doing so with CoolSculpting. If you are a man or a woman that is in your much older years, we understand that life can get pretty hectic and can cause business in your life, leaving no time for exercise. CoolSculpting offers a solution to all these problems that people of different ages are going through.

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best body sculpting procedure

Want to Look Thinner for the Holidays? Make an Appointment Today!

Best Body Sculpting Procedure

Have you been trying to lose weight all year, but haven’t been successful? Well the holidays are right around the corner and you want to look your very best! Luckily Miami Fat Freeze offers the Best Body Sculpting Procedure.

What to Expect at your Coolsculpting Appointment?

You can expect to sit, relax, and wave away your stubborn fat. The great thing about our procedure is that you are awake and conscious. You can continue activities such as checking emails, reading a magazine or book, and even take a nap. These things are not possible when undergoing surgery, where you would be put to sleep.

At your appointment, you and your physician will discuss the area or areas you would like to receive treatment. Then the Coolsculpting device is carefully placed and the cooling process begins. Expect only satisfactory results with the Best Body Sculpting Procedure.

Favorable Coolsculpting Treatment Areas:

  • Flank
  • Love Handles
  • Abdomen
  • Belly
  • Inner Thigh
  • Outer Thigh
  • Unwanted Lumps
  • Under Chin

Why Coolsculpting is so Great with Miami Fat Freeze?

While other states begin to feel the chilliness as the holidays of November approach, South Florida continues to shine bright. This is great but also means that the pressure of staying in shape and looking great is still there. Although, we cannot hide under a sweater for a few months, the Best Body Sculpting Procedure is conveniently available in none other than Miami, Florida! With Miami Fat Freeze that stubborn fat you so badly want to get rid of is made easier! The results of our Coolsculpting technology are effective and long lasting.

Miami CoolSculpting

Look thinner for the holidays with CoolSculpting, the Best Body Sculpting Procedure! Made easier, more effective, and delivers more noticeable results with Miami Fat Freeze. Call the Miami Fat Freeze Center today at 305-901-5777 or click here to make an appointment.

Best Body Sculpting Procedure | Coolsculpting Procedure Miami

Non Invasive Body Sculpting, Miami CoolSculpting Doctor

Causes of Weight Gain: How CoolSculpting Can Keep You Thin!

Non Invasive Body Sculpting

At the Miami Fat Freeze Center, so many people fall into a weight gain rut for many weeks, months, and even years. They begin to notice weight gain in the main areas to gain weight, such as the stomach, thighs, legs, back, and arms. At the Miami Fat Freeze Center, our Non Invasive Body Sculpting delivers better results than exercise and dieting! We are able to sculpt and contour your body to instantly look thinner! It is also important that you do your part too! Your body would look more fit and contoured if you had less fat to freeze, and knowing the causes of weight gain can easily help you to eliminate them from your routine.

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Miami CoolSculpting Doctor

What are the causes of weight gain?

  • Sugar Intake: Having an abundance of sugar in your daily diet can quite easily affect your weight loss. You will begin to notice a change in your body, health, and energy with constant sugar included in your diet.
  • Food Addiction: When junk food is highly engineered, it can cause stimulation and addiction. When you are addicted to junk food it can cause extreme weight gain in all areas of your body, deteriorate your health, and more!
  • Lack of physical activity: This does not mean you have to go to the gym 5 times a week. Just walk for 45 minutes every day and get your blood flowing to see results!
  • Genetics: If you come from a family with high tendencies to gain weight quickly, it is likely you will experience the same thing.

How can CoolSculpting in Miami help?

  • Your stubborn fat with be placed between cooling panels and softly vacuumed. The stubborn fat is located and killed through this controlled cooling.
  • After about an hour, the cold crystallizes the fat cells, the targeted fat cells are eliminated naturally for the next several weeks
  • The results from using the CoolSculpting technology are long lasting and the fat cells are gone for good.

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